Stuff I Drew in School


So… I’ve only ever gotten one submission for Stuff I Drew in School… Submissions, anyone?

I realize that I have only 5 followers, but perhaps if this were reblogged to spread the word Stuff I Drew in School could become more active and interesting. And I’m sure that 99% of people on tumblr still have something they doodled in school that they could submit…

Doodles in notebooks, doodles in textbooks, doodles on the margins of tests and homework, art FAILS, photos of doodles, scans of doodles, digital art (for those lucky enough to take a digital art class), art from art classes, notes without drawings, graffiti, elementary school art, middle school art, high school art, college art, art from whatever other kinds of schools exist outside of the USA. As long as you drew/wrote it in school, in or on something school-related (like textbooks or school notebooks, even if you were elsewhere at the time), or even on the school itself, you can submit it and it will be posted.